“Dan’s Space Van” is a mobile web-series CREATED BY DANNY THAT takes place in a 1978 ORIGINAL customized CHEVY Vadura (airbrushed in a Star Trek theme). The show TRAVELS THE WORLD, meets interesting people & features musical guestS who perform IN the van’s diamond quilted, crushed red velvet interior

GUEST LINDY VOPNFJORD - THE ICELAND EPISODE ~ Danny descends into a volcano, visits the Icelandic penis museum, borrows a helicopter, soaks in a geothermal spa, learns about Icelandic culture, eats Hakarl (rotted shark) AND hear Icelandic song-writer Lindy Vopnfjord!!

GUEST JIM CUDDY of BLUE RODEO “LIL' JIMMY" ~ Musical Guest Jim Cuddy of Blue Rodeo. Jim Cuddy debuts a brand NEW song from Blue Rodeo’s upcoming album! We also pick up some interesting hitch hikers. An NHL star and a boat captain who takes us to the British Virgin Islands.

THE AMSTERDAM HOLIDAY SPECIAL ~ Danny visits with Buddy the Elf, travels to Amsterdam Holland to attend the Star Wars premiere in dutch and The Milk Carton kids perform another song. Happy holidays everyone! "Share" & "Like" "Dan's Space Van" is a mobile web-series created & hosted by singer Danny Michel.

THE ARCTIC EXPEDITION EDITION ~ Danny & Astronaut Chris Hadfield go on an 18 day Arctic expedition up the northwest passage on a Russian Icebreaker. Danny gives a tour of the mighty Khlebnikov and talks about the album he recorded while aboard

GUEST LOU! "AFTER ALL THESE YEARS" ~ In this shagadelic season opener Danny makes headway completing the show's mission. He tracks down and visits one of the original 1978 owners of the van and, together, take a trip down memory lane.

GUESTS THE MILK CARTON KIDS "EVERY TIME YOU TRY AND SAY ELECTRIC CAR YOU ELECTRIC GUITAR" The van winds up in a drag race against a home-made electric car and "The Milk Carton Kids" talk about Grand Ole Opry, dog owners, nuclear submarines, the banjo, Leonard Nimoy and more!

GUEST ALAN DOYLE “A NEWFOUNDLANDER IN CANADA" ~ Danny's learns about the 1st cross Atlantic telegraph lines & Alan tells us about singing restaurants and being in the movie Robin Hood



Season Finale / 70's flash-back episode.





GUEST ED ROBERTSON OF BARENAKED LADIES "QUPLA!" The Space Van hits FanExpo in Toronto, learns Klingon, and goes to Ed Robertson's cottage to challenge his pinball skills.

GUEST EMM GRYNER "Happy & Healthy" * The Space Van gets a full make-over, a space-call from Gowan, visits the artist who airbrushed the van back in 1980, Pelee Island and the Mayor of St. Marys.

GUEST STEVE POLTZ "IT'S GOTTA BE A LIGHTNING ROD MAN" ~ Danny & Steve land a helicopter on a glacier, ride around in the Space Van, chat about art, jet fighters, baseball & the time he met Elvis.

GUEST HAWKSLEY WORKMAN "WE'RE A LITTLE BIT COUNTRY & WE'RE A LITTLE BIT STAR TREK ~ Dan tours the Town of Vulcan, winds up driving the Space Van in a parade and visits Hawksley Workman. WARNING: High Star Trek content.

GUEST ALYSHA BRILLA "STARTING A WHILE NEW LIFE" ~ Dan visits an inspiring young man in Atlin BC and goes to buy cookies Alysha Brilla

GUEST (ASTRONAUT) CHRIS HADFIELD "ZERO G DINGLE BALLS" ~ Dan and Chris cruise around, chat about music, zero gravity & lots more. Chris performs his first ever beat poem and a song written on the international space station

GUEST DEL BARBER "IF ONLY WE HAD FLOWERS" ~ Dan talks to Banff Mayor Karen Sorensen about the city and tours Del Barbers Manitoba farm.

GUEST DUSTIN BENTALL, KENDEL CARSON & LEEROY STAGGER "BEER OCLOCK" ~ Dan visits BB Gun Leather and have double performances by Dustin, Kendal and Leeroy

GUEST BARNEY BENTALL ~ Dan talks with to a man named Carl about crashing a jet fighter and Barney Bentall sings a beautiful little song "Dan's Space Van" is a mobile web-cast/show created & hosted by Canadian singer Danny Michel.

GUEST SHANE KOYCZAN "KIRK MY OLD FRIEND..YOU'RE ALIVE!" ~ Dan talks with cartoonist Gareth Gaudin and introduces a new segment called space cribs. (Warning: High Star Trek content)

GUEST MATT MAYES "RIDE FREE" ~  Dan talks with the artist that painted his space van 35 years later and wakes Matt Mays up to sing a song

GUEST NEIL OSBORNE of 54-40 "LET ME TELL YOU SOMETHING ABOUT MONEY" feat. Daniel Lapp. Dan talks with 54-40 frontman Neil Osborne and visits Daniel Lapp at the Victoria Conservatory of Music "Dan's Space Van" is a mobile web-cast/show created & hosted by Canadian singer Danny Michel.

PILOT - "WHERE NO VAN HAS GONE BEFORE" feat. Danny Michel ~ Dan lays out the whole story behind the show, talks with the previous owners, family and performers a brand new "spacey" song