"Be ashamed to die until you have won some victory for humanity."
                                                                ~ Horace Mann 


The Danny Michel Ocean Academy Fund
~ Helps raise scholarships for the Caye Caulker Community School, a small non-profit community high school in Belize. To date, over $72,000.00 has been raised by Danny & his fans. Learn more and WATCH

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The Isaac Foundation

~ It's rare Danny misses an annual Gala dinner. A beautiful evening of love, medicine/science and music. The goal: To fund innovative research projects that aim to find a cure for MPS, a rare, debilitating, and devastating disease. Also to provide support for families of individuals suffering from MPS and advocate on their behalf to ensure government funding for expensive, life-sustaining treatments are covered by the health care system.



Ghana Medical Help 

Emerged in July 2010 as an acute solution to alleviate the significant basic medical equipment needs in the Builsa District Hospital. It was during this time that Kelly Hadfield, the founder of Ghana Medical Help, witnessed firsthand the extreme consequences that directly result from a lack of equipment and human resources.


The Spirit Of John 
~ In early September of 2014, John Mann, lead singer of Spirit of the West, was diagnosed with early-onset Alzheimer’s disease. The Spirt of John. The concert which supports the Alzheimer Society's Music Project, raises money to help bring music into the lives Canadians living with dementia. 


The Andy Kim Christmas concert help man charities including The Starlight Children's Foundation. Andy's Christmas concerts have raised over $750,000 to date.  <3


Gold Medal Plates was established to financially support and celebrate Canada’s Olympic athletes. The financial support is achieved with the net proceeds from the event given to the Canadian Olympic Foundation to support high performance programs such as Own the Podium. To date over 12 million has been raised.


The Unison Benevolent Fund 

~ provides emergency assistance to people in the Canadian music community who are facing challenges and hardships. Thanks to everyone who donated by buying my song "Lifeboat” in loving memory of Paul MacLeod.