Khlebnikov (2017) Vinyl


Khlebnikov (2017) Vinyl


Released date: January 20 2017 An acoustic suite of atmospheric & haunting songs arranged with a chamber Orchestra (by film composer Rob Carli) about the Arctic, our planet and our place in it ~ Possibly the most northern album ever recorded  (above 80°), Khlebnikov was written and recorded in cabin 712 of the legendary Kapitan Khlebnikov (Soviet-era) Ice-breaker during an 18 day arctic expedition through the northwest passage with Astronaut Chris Hadfield as a part of Chris’s “Generator Arctic” project. A chill listen.

1. Inlet
2. Khlebnikov
3. 24,000 Horses
4. Homeless
5. Lifeboat
6. Qilakitsoq
7. Fall (feat. Chris Hadfield)
8. The Dishwasher's Dream
9. Down Down Down
10. Outlet

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