Black Birds Are Dancing Over Me (2012) Vinyl


Black Birds Are Dancing Over Me (2012) Vinyl


Released September, 2012 Recorded in Belize with The Garifuna Collective, "Black Birds" is a fusion of Western pop and world music between equals. The distinct Gaifuna drums and a wide range of percussion instruments merge seamlessly with Michel's sweet voice and well-crafted material. Perfect with a  pitcher of sangria or those us who can't afford a winter vacation in Central America

“Blackbirds Are Dancing Over Me” is one of the finest musical works of our time"

1. What Colour Are You?
2. Survivor's Guilt
3  A Cold Road
4. Behind the Waterfall
5. Break It You Buy It
6. Just the Way I Am
7. Sad and Beautiful World
8. Into the Light
9. The First Night
10. This Is What It Is

"It’s a fun and uplifting listen, bursting with acoustic and electric guitar, saxophones, organic, rich backup vocals and tons of Garifuna percussion. The obvious comparison is Paul Simon’s Graceland, but there are also moments of heavier Talking Heads-like funk." – NOW Magazine

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