Valhalla (2006) CD


Valhalla (2006) CD


Released November 1st, 2006 Recorded in Bath, Ontario at The Tragically Hip's studio and produced by Joao Carvallho. "Valhalla" is Danny's darkest and most "rock" album despite it's gentle start. Danny's moody songs of love and life for all you emo kids. And the last time his puts his mug on the cover! Not a good starting place for a first time listener. 

1. It's Not the End of the World
2. White Lightning
3. Running
4. Into The Flame
5. Midnight Train
6. Tennessee Tobacco
7. Young Man
8. Save It
9. Black Tornados
10. The Valley of Doom
11. You're Not Alone
12. I Will Love You For Miles

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