Matadora (2016) Digital


Matadora (2016) Digital


Released April, 2016 Like the album’s artwork, “Matadora” tackles serious issues while wrapped in joyful production, ear-candy & up-beat grooves. A deeply humanist album and collection of songs of hope in grief, tolerance in violence, and love in hate. A great place to start for a 1st time listener

1. Nobody Rules You
2. Paris Las Vegas
3. Matadora
4. Get Lost
5. Click Click
6. Good Old Days
7. Samantha in the Sky with Diamonds
8. Rubicon
9. The Part You Throw Away
10. Holding Out

"In this remarkable collection of songs to give voice to the beautiful and the mundane, to the real and the ideal. Matadora is vital and should be required listening for anyone in need of a bit of hope" EXCLAIM MAGAZINE

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