Devices (2018) Digital

Devices Cover OG.jpeg
Devices Cover OG.jpeg

Devices (2018) Digital


Released June 6th, 2018

Written by Steve Poltz and Danny Michel


Get off your devices They’ve all become vices Look what’s happened to the world Get off your devices Have a pizza slices All of you boys & girls

Get off of that internet And come out to the outernet Run around and break a sweat You’ll have a good time I bet

We got trees and bumble bees We got bikes with banana seats We’ll build a jump on Lakehurst street And we’ll bloody up both our knees

We got egg rolls and camping gear Kangaroos and ginger beer You can talk like an auctioneer

We got paint and canvas too Yellow red white green & blue You can be like Van Gogh too Just don’t cut off your ear

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